Product Reviews

Previously and newly published reviews of ukuleles, accessories, strings, tuners -- everything ukulele!

Love at First Strum: The Boulder Creek Riptide Spruce Top Tenor
Mike looks on with awe at the Boulder Creek Riptide UT-2N spruce top tenor ukulele.

Lanikai S-TEQ Makes Me Happy
Mike's take on one of his favorites and the star of "One Ukulele," the humble-but-amazing S-TEQ spruce top tenor with Belcat electronics.

Nothing Could Be Finder...Chord Finders on the Internet
Not sure if these are products (they're free) or instruction, but I put them under both categories as I think this is a helpful guide to some tuners and chord finders out there online.

Building the Savarez Set
Much like Worth strings, Savarez flourocarbons make for a sweet sounding ukulele.  Unfortunately, they are not packaged for ukulele.  This post talks about how to put together a set from single strings, as well as provides some embedded video examples of the difference among popular ukulele strings.

Going Low: The Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal
In an attempt to get a little more low end in his ukulele, Mike tries out the Boss OC-3 Octave pedal, which is capable of going up to two octaves below middle C.  Is it worth it? Read on.