Thursday, August 19, 2010

Featured Video #1: "One Less Tear" by the Barnkickers!

I'm going to kick off the first of what I hope to be many featured original videos with the Barnkickers' award-winning video "One Less Tear."  Steve Boisen and his daughter Amanda are a powerful duet that makes for a very funny and poignant tune.

When asked on the backstory to the song, Steve said “I originally wrote this song as a ragtime piano piece and added the lyrics and counter melody much later. My daughter Amanda and I played all of the instruments on this recording except for the snare drum that was added to the CD version. "One Less Tear" was our second original "homemade" video and has proven to be our most popular song. I think people like the vocal trade off and the tin-pan-alley feel. They also like the ukulele references in the lyrics."

I say they also love the voices.  Both Steve and Amanda have unique vocals that really work well together; well, just see for yourself:

According to Steve the song is available (with remixed and remastered audio) on their debut CD "Up Before Noon," which is currently being sold on Flea Market Music, Elderly Instruments and most internet music sites. It has also been released on a compilation CD and covered by Rick Bolton and the Dwyer Sisters, which is a band out of Saratoga Springs, New York. The chords and lyrics are also available on ukefarm.

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